Saturday, 25 June 2011

Why not?

Anyone there? Just a random to see who's around!

Since I'm here might as well feed on the best of what I've listened to over the last few months!

Guti - All The Girls

This tune actually touches me in inappropriately satisfying ways! So calm yet powerful and euphoric and then the lazy wail of vocal kicks in halfway. God knows what this woman is wailing but it's great. And a pretty tidy video as well!

 Maya Jane Coles - What They Say (Dyed Soundorom Remix)

Maya Jane, widely revered as one of the underground sensations of the year (and she's a female) has been tearing stuff up this year! I was fortunate to see her play at Stinky's Peephouse on my birthday in June and it was great. Keeping with the deep house vibes you have to check out this banging remix by Dyed, another strong producer in the scene. The upfront influence of old school garage lends a lot to make this track big! Not to forget the nice vocals as well!

Skream - Raw Dogz

Hype Hype Hype! Actually emotional how I was just casually walking around saying "pulling out gats for fun" and not even realising it came from this tune. Definitely heard this a few times in random dubstep sets both on the pc and in the clubs without even noticing that it was on my itunes as part of Skream's freeizm giveaways!

Skrillex - Ruffneck Bass

Had I been continuously blogging there would have been no way I missed posting about the new marmite in the dubstep world Skrillex. Do I love or hate the guy who literally became a sensation after posting a tune that hit number one of the Beatport charts? I'm sitting on the fence! I wouldn't particularly look for any of his sets, but in the right/wrong frame of mind some of his tunes are just straight crazy. Like take-a-granny's-walking-stick-and-throw-it-through-a-police-window crazy! He's like an evolved Borgore if you will. This is drumstep at it's finest.

"Get to know darg!"