Saturday, 25 June 2011

Why not?

Anyone there? Just a random to see who's around!

Since I'm here might as well feed on the best of what I've listened to over the last few months!

Guti - All The Girls

This tune actually touches me in inappropriately satisfying ways! So calm yet powerful and euphoric and then the lazy wail of vocal kicks in halfway. God knows what this woman is wailing but it's great. And a pretty tidy video as well!

 Maya Jane Coles - What They Say (Dyed Soundorom Remix)

Maya Jane, widely revered as one of the underground sensations of the year (and she's a female) has been tearing stuff up this year! I was fortunate to see her play at Stinky's Peephouse on my birthday in June and it was great. Keeping with the deep house vibes you have to check out this banging remix by Dyed, another strong producer in the scene. The upfront influence of old school garage lends a lot to make this track big! Not to forget the nice vocals as well!

Skream - Raw Dogz

Hype Hype Hype! Actually emotional how I was just casually walking around saying "pulling out gats for fun" and not even realising it came from this tune. Definitely heard this a few times in random dubstep sets both on the pc and in the clubs without even noticing that it was on my itunes as part of Skream's freeizm giveaways!

Skrillex - Ruffneck Bass

Had I been continuously blogging there would have been no way I missed posting about the new marmite in the dubstep world Skrillex. Do I love or hate the guy who literally became a sensation after posting a tune that hit number one of the Beatport charts? I'm sitting on the fence! I wouldn't particularly look for any of his sets, but in the right/wrong frame of mind some of his tunes are just straight crazy. Like take-a-granny's-walking-stick-and-throw-it-through-a-police-window crazy! He's like an evolved Borgore if you will. This is drumstep at it's finest.

"Get to know darg!"

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Hype Hype

Tempa T, Tempz, Next Hypeeee! Tempa T, an angry frustrated madman who is always an attraction rather than a supplement when he gets on the mic.
Latest single from Chase & Status drops with a rock guitar and Tempa T madness vocals. To be fair, I don't think it quite has the same impact as his other stuff, such as "Next Hype" and "Swing". Maybe he could have taken the tune as a chance to branch away from all the hype and start using some other cool words like excited or buzzing. Nevertheless, this is a jump-out-your-seat-and-throw-a-chair-at-your-niece's-babysitter anthem, can see some unacceptable scenes coming up in the raves soon!

Chase & Status - Hypest Hype (ft Tempa T)

In keeping with the Grime meets Dubstep shambolics, next up is Ms Dynamite. Sultry, sleek, she brings a bit of quality and style  to the table. Far ahead from the "Boo!" days I'm well aware she's been on dubstep bills for a while, and I saw her at Summer Break in Newquay end of June. Big link up for the Dynamitee-ee, featuring on this track from Magnetic Man's self-titled forthcoming album which also features a track with John Legend (can't currently find it on Youtube but search "Getting Nowhere")! It's good crack...

Magnetic Man - Fire (ft Ms Dynamite)

Also have this pretty sick track from back in the day featuring All In One, fire bars letting the punters know that she still goes hard! Check it out

Ms Dynamite ft All In One - On [Click to listen / Right click to download]

And what have I been listening too for nonsense lengths of time this week? Footcrab Footcrab Footcrab Footcrab. It's very catchy from Addison Groove, better known as dubstep's Headhunter. Insane Insane Insane Ininininsane! You have to check it to understand!
Such a meaningless word, I don't think I've ever said "footcrab" until hearing the track. What the hell is a footcrab?

Addison Groove - Footcrab

Also worth checking out his mix on Fact Mag's's hot players!
Addison Groove - Fact Mag Mix

I wanted to upload a picture of a crab but blogger's going on gay so sorry guys. See you soon x (no homo)

9.45am 01/10/10 - Got it!
Footcrab? Guy looks a bit keen?

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Town Called Obselete

Thanks to anyone who sent me any music in my inbox, not actually been on the laptop for a while but will definitely check stuff out tomorrow!

My excuse this time is that I been enjoying first week back at uni, Arsenal been playing shit and have not been in great physical and mental states. And I changed course and delayed graduation by a year. Blah, blah, blah. I'll try a bit harder to keep on top of the blog, practice makes perfect and all that!

Anyways, I gave a link in an earlier blog for a set from Torrenttech's Gantzgraf 07/09 set (click here for link) and there is the tune at the end which was pretty huge. The dj himself turns out to be an actual user on the dubstepforum and, after dropping a quick message, got tune id. Here it is....

Andreya Triana - A Town Called Obsolete (Mala Remix)

Scorcher of a tune! Ear friendly female vocals on one of the nicest subs I've heard this year. Hoping for this at the next Subdub, would be pretty intense.

Also worth checking out the Mount Kimbie remix, which is also quite huge and very different, and I'm also aware of the nice original track itself.
Final mention to the compilation it features on. The Ninja Tune XX volume two looks huge! Big line up involved.

Also been listening to a bit of TRG, very much a big fan of the varied sounds in his releases. Favourite right now has got to be Discotek.

Cosmic TRG - Discotek

Finally, another huge track discovered off the Dubstepforum website. Mosca - Nike. Ultimate in chilled music, got the three minute build up before a bit of Funky House meets Dubstep euphoria takes over and it does not disappoint at all!

Mosca - Nike

Anyone in Leeds should grab a ticket for the first Bigger Than Barry this season featuring the weighty Shy Fx and Breakage! Otherwise I'll catch you soon.

Shake Your Eardrum  - Mickey mouse without makeup

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Men & Music

So like, basically yeah man was chilling with a couple goonies and then this tune came up on my Youtube on random playlist.

Check it bro, it's totally awesome...

Miguel ft J.Cole - All I Want Is You

Anyway, my point is that the MALE vocals clearly make the tune as likeable as it is (assuming you like it, if not then erm....) and punters like me are deprived of male vocals in the current era of UK Bass. Off the top of my head couldn't think of one current house or dubstep tune that was made special by male vocals.

After a quick browse I did manage to dig up a banger from Roska.
Roska - Love 2 Night

Also this fine piece fresh from the Hed Kandi mixtape of 2005. Stunning vocals...
Peyton - I'll Rise

Some very well chosen male vocal samples from this deep house classic...
Rainer Truby - To Know You (Click to listen / Right click to download)

Even from pre 2006 underground grime, benefits in male vocals have a place. Hardly as soulful, but quite affective in the setting of the mood for the song

Remson - Sextacy (ft Black The Ripper)

I'm not trying so much to say a woman's place is only in the kitchen, but more that male vocalists should be utilized to add what would be an increasingly rarer touch when considering the high saturation of female vocalists. Maybe a bit of Musiq, Cee-Lo, even JLS on the samples?

Its true...

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Faces of Leeds

Who is in Leeds and who is worth keeping an eye out for in the week-to-week offerings of the heart of West Yorkshire


Ramadanman - Cheer up?

Playing at Acetate @ The Wire, Leeds is the biggest producer/DJ of the  pack. Least talked about among the general crowd, Ramadanman was born in North London and attended (I'm pretty sure he's finished) Leeds University whilst leading an alter ego on the pioneering of UK Bass music. His sound is really varied, from minimalistic to funky there should be something for everyone's taste. I cannot confirm whether his name has anything to do with religion/holidays...

Featuring sample from Ciara's 1-2-Step tune from a few years back
Ramadanman - Grab Somebody

Also check out his Bestimix which is real tight y'all!
Bestimix 23 by Ramadanman

MC Pean

Mc Pean Subdub Room 2
Fire starter every Saturday 7-9pm on Frequency Fm alongside DJ Antix, the Leeds born man can also be caught at a select number of house parties in the Leeds area going over dnb, dubstep and old school jungle as well as his roots in hiphop and grime. Peanie Man is probably the more recognizable with the dreadlocks look (I've since learnt that he cut off the dreads time ago). Pretty accessible people so feel free to converse. Check out Antix and Pean on their latest free mixtape which dropped on Facebook a couple of days ago.

The Yorkshire Samurai's Mixtape

Wachs Lyrical

Taken from the Outlook Website
Former Boddington Halls resident currently at Leeds University is one of the more up and coming producers/DJs as time will eventually tell. Far from a bedroom DJ, he already has vinyl releases under his belt as well as an appearance at Outlook Festival. Currently he's just here and there and don't think he has a residency at the moment but I'm definitely sure there will be advancements in the West Yorkshire region and he will work his way towards the top of promoter's posters. Already seen him play at Vagabondz on a Tempa T headlining night.

 We Fresh by Wachs Lyrical

As well as Facebook, also worth checking out his dedicated thread on for regular updates on his occurings.

DJ Tango

DJ Tango
Leeds very own DJ Tango was raised by the big darg Tim Westwood himself. DJ Tango is a lot less bombs and trash talk but has the same type of love or hate swagger. Personally I'm a big fan and always enjoy a cheeky set at either Tiger Tiger Tuesdays or Fibre late Thursdays. Definitely more in the direction of hip hop and r'n'b, Tango is more established on his scene and definitely easier to recognise.

Check out some of his mixes on his Facebook group

Monday, 6 September 2010

Is That The New Dubstep Ting Yeah? Drumstep, Wah?

The new way to switch a set from Dubstep to Drum & Bass. Or simply that new, greezy sound that the urban kids of the 2000s are now producing. I'm a fan, I'm a big fan. Personally don't think there is hardly enough being produced as it seems more as something producers occasionally. Certainly I don't think it's come to the forefront with a dedicated set of artists creating and putting out the sound.
In no random order, let's take a look at what I've been taking a look at. Or you can watch some Jersey Shore, I'm impartial to either.

A tiger mask. Who are we to say it won't trend? (From Tumblr)

Shake Your Eardrum...

Rusko - Hold On (Sub Focus Remix)

Just to get the baitness out of di way. In fairness, half my peopledem could not correctly identify the genre of this piece, and therefore I still have an abundance of gold stars I couldn't give out. Big remix over an already big tune. Big tune, by a big artist, given a big remix by a big artist. Big things!!! That Duurty South-ish snare roll does help things to get a bit on top also.

Dirty Deeds - Lose It (Drumstep Remix)

Dropped in around 55 mins into the Fabio and Grooverider's Radio 1 show (29/08/10) show after a jump up dnb track it was epic. I had to go outside and high five somebody. The build up is so misleading. It seems to be dropping into a bit of trance like dnb and then just turns into some madness. It's like pressing a lift to enter an elevator, and then falling into a hole and turning up inside a brothel.
Not heard of the artist before but he has another track played called Captain Planet VIP which is soul destroyingly good as well. Be sure to check out the rest of his Soundcloud! This kind of stuff is seriously potent.

 Dirty Deeds - Lose It (Drumstep Mix) CLIP DDIG #007 by DirtySynergy

Reso - Warmachine

A lot more breaky than the other two, I heard this one first. Reso, when I first heard of him, was announced as the future of dubstep and this tune shows his versatility. Still an unfinished track, I've had a brief search and not seen anything more updated.

 WarMachine (Work in progress) by Reso

Taxman - Look What You've Done

Taxman, big boy artist from the Ganja Records crew (run by DJ Hype) is notorious alongside artists such as Original Sin and Sub Zero for blessing us with the mad jump up dubstep we love to get sweaty and hear people MC to. Well, I do anyway. The influence is clearly visible in this jump up vs drumstep vs jungle triple threat combination and the end product is sublime. The drumstep touch would be especially key to move a crowd as I think the slowing down in tempo is crucial!

Hakka - Badman Killa

This track is bad to da bone. The rasta vocal and dub influence make it the most mellow of all tracks but it is nevertheless far from mellow! You can find Hakka as an active member on Dubstep Forum which is precisely where I got it from. 1300 plays and a whole load of comments also oust this one as a banger. Check it playas...

 Hakka - Badman Killa (Drumstep) by Hakka

If one more person listens to another drumstep track after pondering over the post then my work is done. But raise your glasses and hope for more bangers for winter fall 2010! I think the neighbours are getting bored of me blasting out Nicki Minaj as well.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

How Does Dubstep Affect Your Actions?

Basically, just seen this rude video on Youtube of some cool "Airborne Ninjas". What they do is impressive no lie. But the fact that the moves were performed with the backing track of Skream's "Rutten" and not "Eye of the Tiger" just make it more emotional. Both the track and the song.

Dubstep in general makes me screw the face and behave antisocially, think about life and why I have no girlfriend, bounce the head, pump weights faster and improve my self esteem by listening to the tracks my peers talk about.
This is obviously dependent on the vibe of the song, but not in a million years will Borgore, Distance or Benga make me attempt a backflip. But each to their own. I just wanted to post the video!

For example, when I first heard this....

I could of sworn I felt like this....

The future fighting the past! (Taken from

Except maybe with some kind of Robot Wars flamethrower in the right hand. Can't wait for the full version of this remix as well. For the Leeds crew, Borgore is lined up for Bigger Than Barry @ Mint Club for Tuesday 26th October. Got this from the Facebook group found here. Scenes similar to Holby City are expected.