Monday, 9 August 2010

Chapter 0

I complained to friends about having no source of creative release on my monotonous Computer Science. And I always found new music from everywhere but not always someone was there to pat me on the back or offer a constructive opinion. Then I created a blog and tried to avoid making it about music because there is loads.

I made one post and had about 6 drafts before I left it and came to this. If I get bored of this I will by decks and become a bedroom DJ. This ensures that I will have a good attempt at this because I am currently £1497 into my £1500 student overdraft and not due till mid September!

What is my blog about? Well probably covering MY music interests which covers most Electronica and Grime music. I grew up in the semi-ghetto of Edmonton, North London ("Brap!") and can accurately say I saw Grime grow up and develop. Not necessarily having the best view, but today I can say that I am still a big fan. Maybe I will enlighten one person and piss off and lose a million potential followers. If I can make one person say "hey, this guy is good", and get him a Youtube hit, that will put a smile on my face.

I am also a pretty random person and depending on my relationship with this page I may just chuck in the odd, grumpy man, ramble. I'm all for spreading the love. I don't like Facebook for this however, as people on my list are way too personal and the stuff I know about most people is starting to render my phone useless. That's another story though....

I could waffle on about my OCD and lack of holidays but it's 1am and I am quite high stacked on this Full Tilt freeroll so I will just deliver the crack and hand you a key to take a nice dig out of.

Hold my hand, and I will hold yours et cetera.

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