Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Netsky - Drum & Taste

Netsky - His music is better than his looks.

Netsky produced Net-sky(sky high)! His latest remix of Pendulum's "Witchcraft" is just insane. Such an airy feel, does justice for both hype and mellow moods and that appreciation goes up because I think the original tune is just straight wack lol. This is the kind of tune a main character would be happy to die to at the end of a drama series, so much atmosphere!

I like a lot of his other stuff as well, "Tomorrow's Another Day" VIP mix is another huge tune as most of us didn't know Collie Buddz could sound so intense on a beat. When I pump out this tune and hear the man sing I feel like confessing sin like I cheated on my imaginary girlfriend.

Netsky - Tomorrow's Another Day VIP (Snarftastic Edit) (Dodgy version looped twice but you'll get the crack [Click to listen / Right click to download]

Definitely on my priority list to go and see live, I'm also a big fan of one of his mixes (the August one). The one I'm on about can be found off his myspace or at the link below.
Netsky is also the name given to a big virus that attacked emails, but doesn't sound so good to listen to really....Check out his other tunes and if you like them don't suppose you could go wrong copping the sexy self-titled album.

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