Monday, 9 August 2010

Skepta the Microphone Champion

Skepta (second from left) and the team (taken from Skepta's twitter page).

What is so good about this is that it doesn't need much of an intro. Most people who listen to radio would have heard P Diddy's "Hello, Good Morning" and definitely heard this banger. To Grime fans it is much more than this. It could be argued as representing the first artist from the genre to have a commercialised tune promoted entirely without compromise or, as many would say, "selling out". Such examples of these artists would include Chipmunk and Tinchy Stryder, with both considerably changing their original styles to become household names.

The tune is pretty weighty, could appeal to most crowds and when Skepta says "God forgive me when I buss my ting right now!" there is cause for reload and gun mimicking with the fingers.

Who knows what could happen from here? Boy Better Know mixtape featuring Drake and Trey Songz? Obviously the US won't be won over in a day, but following this collaboration Grime is definitely one step closer. The door is open.

Shake Your Eardrum...

It would be racist to take a shot at Chipmunk and Tinchy Stryder and close set. Here are some of their earlier  grime tunes which I liked as well as a bit of Skepta, because at the end of the day...everyone has to eat, and not everyone can be a shotta.

Tinchy Stryder - Line 'Em Up [Click to listen / Right click to download]
Beat em up, step on your crep, fire tune taken off the Cloud 9 mixtape released in 2008.

Chipmunk - Consistent (Produced by Wiley)
Chipz at his best beating up a Wiley beat on the League of My Own mixtape from 2007.

Skepta - Deeper (Ft Romeo)
Boy Better Know meets So Solid Crew on this classic.

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