Thursday, 12 August 2010

Katy B - Girl On A Mission

Before anything, I have to say, I don't know why Youtube jinallzed me but the videos stick out the borders here. The Computer Science degree didn't teach me how to rectify this so I hope your eyes don't bleed too much when you scroll down. Keep it real, bro.

Katy B - Thought she'd be better looking/not ginger? Me too!
To assess Katy B, one should look to other similar artists. Lets take Shola Ama. Both had pretty big Funky House vocals last summer. Shola Ama went in with Perempay & Dee on "DJ Play", which got a lot of play from the DJs, whilst Katy B featured on the big track with Geeneus "As I". All the UK mandem must have at least one memory of grinding a girl to one of these tunes. Whether it was in Malia, Kos or Oceana Kingston.

Geeneus ft Katy B - As I (Skepta Remix) [Click to listen / Right click to download]

Shola Ama...probably on a comedown.
Giggs - Cut Above The Rest ft Shola Ama

After Shola Ama, fresh from her druggie days, had this tune played out we didn't hear from her again until she came out on the Cut Above The Rest mixtape on the title track with leader of the emerging UK Rap scene Giggs. At best it was a good tune but, while the collaboration was a coup for the SN1 rapper, it left a lot to be questioned regarding Shola's career choices. Katy B, on the other hand, essentially became a "new" sensation to electronica. I say electronica because the big hits "Katy B On A Mission" & "Perfect Stranger" is more the commercialisation of dubstep rather than representing the scene. The latter of the tracks contains mouth dropping, unbelievably catchy vocals. It doesn't take a Geeneus to guess which singer is taking the bookings right now.

All I can say is the bandwagon has shown both hit and miss. Whilst I am a great fan of Giggs and the raise in profile in UK Rap, the rap game is not going to take any female vocalists to the top. Don't you remember what happened to Olivia from G-Unit? On the other hand, the trio forming Magnetic Man may have propelled Katy B into Britain's hands as the next Lilly Allen like figure. Judging on the quality of the tracks, she can definitely go far.

As for Shola Ama, you can probably catch her in a Mcdonalds doing some methedrone off a tray with her agent. Or whatever's doing the rounds in Skegness these days. Look out for the Katy B tracks, I read "Katy B On A Mission is out August 23rd and the other comes out with the Magnetic Man album (available for pre order here) on October 4th.

Shake Your Eardrum...

Shout out to Giggs, doing it for the scene. Also worth checking out this for some more mellow Giggs, right off the debut album titled Walk In The Park.

Giggs - Make It Look Good ft J.Melo

Telling the sweet story the only way a Peckham gangster could.

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