Sunday, 26 September 2010

Town Called Obselete

Thanks to anyone who sent me any music in my inbox, not actually been on the laptop for a while but will definitely check stuff out tomorrow!

My excuse this time is that I been enjoying first week back at uni, Arsenal been playing shit and have not been in great physical and mental states. And I changed course and delayed graduation by a year. Blah, blah, blah. I'll try a bit harder to keep on top of the blog, practice makes perfect and all that!

Anyways, I gave a link in an earlier blog for a set from Torrenttech's Gantzgraf 07/09 set (click here for link) and there is the tune at the end which was pretty huge. The dj himself turns out to be an actual user on the dubstepforum and, after dropping a quick message, got tune id. Here it is....

Andreya Triana - A Town Called Obsolete (Mala Remix)

Scorcher of a tune! Ear friendly female vocals on one of the nicest subs I've heard this year. Hoping for this at the next Subdub, would be pretty intense.

Also worth checking out the Mount Kimbie remix, which is also quite huge and very different, and I'm also aware of the nice original track itself.
Final mention to the compilation it features on. The Ninja Tune XX volume two looks huge! Big line up involved.

Also been listening to a bit of TRG, very much a big fan of the varied sounds in his releases. Favourite right now has got to be Discotek.

Cosmic TRG - Discotek

Finally, another huge track discovered off the Dubstepforum website. Mosca - Nike. Ultimate in chilled music, got the three minute build up before a bit of Funky House meets Dubstep euphoria takes over and it does not disappoint at all!

Mosca - Nike

Anyone in Leeds should grab a ticket for the first Bigger Than Barry this season featuring the weighty Shy Fx and Breakage! Otherwise I'll catch you soon.

Shake Your Eardrum  - Mickey mouse without makeup

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