Monday, 6 September 2010

Is That The New Dubstep Ting Yeah? Drumstep, Wah?

The new way to switch a set from Dubstep to Drum & Bass. Or simply that new, greezy sound that the urban kids of the 2000s are now producing. I'm a fan, I'm a big fan. Personally don't think there is hardly enough being produced as it seems more as something producers occasionally. Certainly I don't think it's come to the forefront with a dedicated set of artists creating and putting out the sound.
In no random order, let's take a look at what I've been taking a look at. Or you can watch some Jersey Shore, I'm impartial to either.

A tiger mask. Who are we to say it won't trend? (From Tumblr)

Shake Your Eardrum...

Rusko - Hold On (Sub Focus Remix)

Just to get the baitness out of di way. In fairness, half my peopledem could not correctly identify the genre of this piece, and therefore I still have an abundance of gold stars I couldn't give out. Big remix over an already big tune. Big tune, by a big artist, given a big remix by a big artist. Big things!!! That Duurty South-ish snare roll does help things to get a bit on top also.

Dirty Deeds - Lose It (Drumstep Remix)

Dropped in around 55 mins into the Fabio and Grooverider's Radio 1 show (29/08/10) show after a jump up dnb track it was epic. I had to go outside and high five somebody. The build up is so misleading. It seems to be dropping into a bit of trance like dnb and then just turns into some madness. It's like pressing a lift to enter an elevator, and then falling into a hole and turning up inside a brothel.
Not heard of the artist before but he has another track played called Captain Planet VIP which is soul destroyingly good as well. Be sure to check out the rest of his Soundcloud! This kind of stuff is seriously potent.

 Dirty Deeds - Lose It (Drumstep Mix) CLIP DDIG #007 by DirtySynergy

Reso - Warmachine

A lot more breaky than the other two, I heard this one first. Reso, when I first heard of him, was announced as the future of dubstep and this tune shows his versatility. Still an unfinished track, I've had a brief search and not seen anything more updated.

 WarMachine (Work in progress) by Reso

Taxman - Look What You've Done

Taxman, big boy artist from the Ganja Records crew (run by DJ Hype) is notorious alongside artists such as Original Sin and Sub Zero for blessing us with the mad jump up dubstep we love to get sweaty and hear people MC to. Well, I do anyway. The influence is clearly visible in this jump up vs drumstep vs jungle triple threat combination and the end product is sublime. The drumstep touch would be especially key to move a crowd as I think the slowing down in tempo is crucial!

Hakka - Badman Killa

This track is bad to da bone. The rasta vocal and dub influence make it the most mellow of all tracks but it is nevertheless far from mellow! You can find Hakka as an active member on Dubstep Forum which is precisely where I got it from. 1300 plays and a whole load of comments also oust this one as a banger. Check it playas...

 Hakka - Badman Killa (Drumstep) by Hakka

If one more person listens to another drumstep track after pondering over the post then my work is done. But raise your glasses and hope for more bangers for winter fall 2010! I think the neighbours are getting bored of me blasting out Nicki Minaj as well.

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