Sunday, 5 September 2010

How Does Dubstep Affect Your Actions?

Basically, just seen this rude video on Youtube of some cool "Airborne Ninjas". What they do is impressive no lie. But the fact that the moves were performed with the backing track of Skream's "Rutten" and not "Eye of the Tiger" just make it more emotional. Both the track and the song.

Dubstep in general makes me screw the face and behave antisocially, think about life and why I have no girlfriend, bounce the head, pump weights faster and improve my self esteem by listening to the tracks my peers talk about.
This is obviously dependent on the vibe of the song, but not in a million years will Borgore, Distance or Benga make me attempt a backflip. But each to their own. I just wanted to post the video!

For example, when I first heard this....

I could of sworn I felt like this....

The future fighting the past! (Taken from

Except maybe with some kind of Robot Wars flamethrower in the right hand. Can't wait for the full version of this remix as well. For the Leeds crew, Borgore is lined up for Bigger Than Barry @ Mint Club for Tuesday 26th October. Got this from the Facebook group found here. Scenes similar to Holby City are expected.

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