Saturday, 18 September 2010

Men & Music

So like, basically yeah man was chilling with a couple goonies and then this tune came up on my Youtube on random playlist.

Check it bro, it's totally awesome...

Miguel ft J.Cole - All I Want Is You

Anyway, my point is that the MALE vocals clearly make the tune as likeable as it is (assuming you like it, if not then erm....) and punters like me are deprived of male vocals in the current era of UK Bass. Off the top of my head couldn't think of one current house or dubstep tune that was made special by male vocals.

After a quick browse I did manage to dig up a banger from Roska.
Roska - Love 2 Night

Also this fine piece fresh from the Hed Kandi mixtape of 2005. Stunning vocals...
Peyton - I'll Rise

Some very well chosen male vocal samples from this deep house classic...
Rainer Truby - To Know You (Click to listen / Right click to download)

Even from pre 2006 underground grime, benefits in male vocals have a place. Hardly as soulful, but quite affective in the setting of the mood for the song

Remson - Sextacy (ft Black The Ripper)

I'm not trying so much to say a woman's place is only in the kitchen, but more that male vocalists should be utilized to add what would be an increasingly rarer touch when considering the high saturation of female vocalists. Maybe a bit of Musiq, Cee-Lo, even JLS on the samples?

Its true...

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