Thursday, 30 September 2010

Hype Hype

Tempa T, Tempz, Next Hypeeee! Tempa T, an angry frustrated madman who is always an attraction rather than a supplement when he gets on the mic.
Latest single from Chase & Status drops with a rock guitar and Tempa T madness vocals. To be fair, I don't think it quite has the same impact as his other stuff, such as "Next Hype" and "Swing". Maybe he could have taken the tune as a chance to branch away from all the hype and start using some other cool words like excited or buzzing. Nevertheless, this is a jump-out-your-seat-and-throw-a-chair-at-your-niece's-babysitter anthem, can see some unacceptable scenes coming up in the raves soon!

Chase & Status - Hypest Hype (ft Tempa T)

In keeping with the Grime meets Dubstep shambolics, next up is Ms Dynamite. Sultry, sleek, she brings a bit of quality and style  to the table. Far ahead from the "Boo!" days I'm well aware she's been on dubstep bills for a while, and I saw her at Summer Break in Newquay end of June. Big link up for the Dynamitee-ee, featuring on this track from Magnetic Man's self-titled forthcoming album which also features a track with John Legend (can't currently find it on Youtube but search "Getting Nowhere")! It's good crack...

Magnetic Man - Fire (ft Ms Dynamite)

Also have this pretty sick track from back in the day featuring All In One, fire bars letting the punters know that she still goes hard! Check it out

Ms Dynamite ft All In One - On [Click to listen / Right click to download]

And what have I been listening too for nonsense lengths of time this week? Footcrab Footcrab Footcrab Footcrab. It's very catchy from Addison Groove, better known as dubstep's Headhunter. Insane Insane Insane Ininininsane! You have to check it to understand!
Such a meaningless word, I don't think I've ever said "footcrab" until hearing the track. What the hell is a footcrab?

Addison Groove - Footcrab

Also worth checking out his mix on Fact Mag's's hot players!
Addison Groove - Fact Mag Mix

I wanted to upload a picture of a crab but blogger's going on gay so sorry guys. See you soon x (no homo)

9.45am 01/10/10 - Got it!
Footcrab? Guy looks a bit keen?

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