Thursday, 16 September 2010

Faces of Leeds

Who is in Leeds and who is worth keeping an eye out for in the week-to-week offerings of the heart of West Yorkshire


Ramadanman - Cheer up?

Playing at Acetate @ The Wire, Leeds is the biggest producer/DJ of the  pack. Least talked about among the general crowd, Ramadanman was born in North London and attended (I'm pretty sure he's finished) Leeds University whilst leading an alter ego on the pioneering of UK Bass music. His sound is really varied, from minimalistic to funky there should be something for everyone's taste. I cannot confirm whether his name has anything to do with religion/holidays...

Featuring sample from Ciara's 1-2-Step tune from a few years back
Ramadanman - Grab Somebody

Also check out his Bestimix which is real tight y'all!
Bestimix 23 by Ramadanman

MC Pean

Mc Pean Subdub Room 2
Fire starter every Saturday 7-9pm on Frequency Fm alongside DJ Antix, the Leeds born man can also be caught at a select number of house parties in the Leeds area going over dnb, dubstep and old school jungle as well as his roots in hiphop and grime. Peanie Man is probably the more recognizable with the dreadlocks look (I've since learnt that he cut off the dreads time ago). Pretty accessible people so feel free to converse. Check out Antix and Pean on their latest free mixtape which dropped on Facebook a couple of days ago.

The Yorkshire Samurai's Mixtape

Wachs Lyrical

Taken from the Outlook Website
Former Boddington Halls resident currently at Leeds University is one of the more up and coming producers/DJs as time will eventually tell. Far from a bedroom DJ, he already has vinyl releases under his belt as well as an appearance at Outlook Festival. Currently he's just here and there and don't think he has a residency at the moment but I'm definitely sure there will be advancements in the West Yorkshire region and he will work his way towards the top of promoter's posters. Already seen him play at Vagabondz on a Tempa T headlining night.

 We Fresh by Wachs Lyrical

As well as Facebook, also worth checking out his dedicated thread on for regular updates on his occurings.

DJ Tango

DJ Tango
Leeds very own DJ Tango was raised by the big darg Tim Westwood himself. DJ Tango is a lot less bombs and trash talk but has the same type of love or hate swagger. Personally I'm a big fan and always enjoy a cheeky set at either Tiger Tiger Tuesdays or Fibre late Thursdays. Definitely more in the direction of hip hop and r'n'b, Tango is more established on his scene and definitely easier to recognise.

Check out some of his mixes on his Facebook group

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