Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Future Of Dubstep - Future Garage?

 I must sound like Mystic Meg trying to read into all these trends with my uncultured adjectives....

Don't get me wrong, "dubstep" exists in a million to the power of x different trends. Whilst I enjoy something out of all of these, I wouldn't be suprised if the future garage/ 2-step sound is the one that survives the longest. Obviously if you never digged garage you might disagree, but that's a whole new pack of biscuits...

Joy Orbison's Hyph Mgno undoubtedly remains the largest track to come out of this (because I said so) but by no means is he the best or only producer of the sub-genre. Whilst I'm certain that there are probably a fuck load of producers in the game working on this sort of material, I'll focus on what's passed through my eardrums.

George FitzGerald

First signing to Joy's Doldrum Label, have to say his name is hardly sexy and would be more in place at Bristol's Division 2 Chess League. The music though, oh boy, it is sexy. His biggest riddim "Don't You" has a driving bassline and is definitely a collector's item. It was also featured on Scuba's Sub:stance which got a very positive review at Resident Advisor.

 Don't You!!? by George FitzGerald

Latest anthem on Soundcloud is doing it also.

 Groove Theory - Tell Me (Remix) by George FitzGerald


I would describe him as being nicer than Burial but darker than Joy Orbison - his music, that is. I'm sure he's got banter but he's also German and some people may take offence to that. He's put out quite a bit of material this year and I would recommend checking them all out because they are pretty versatile and I'm convinced there is something for everyone in his productions. My favourite from him right now is called "Everybody Knows". I actually don't know where them vocals come from funny enough, sound a bit like Brandy. Hot tune bro!


I first heard him on the Mary Anne Hobbs (peace be with her) show and, after searching him, realised hype around him on the forums who think of him as the Lionel Messi (if Orbison is Tevez). This guy has some fire fire fire fire music. In fairness I have absolutely no idea how much coverage he's getting because I haven't really been to the necessary clubs, but with uni kicking off in less than a month I'll be distributing slaps if his work isn't getting playtime. Definitely my favourite of the artists mentioned, his work already sounds timeless and I've yet to hear it outside my bedroom. Time will tell, but I think everyone will know him by Christmas.

Orpheus is definitely his most popular work. When I first saw it on Youtube, I was pretty put off by the Lloyds TSB horse lol, I didn't feel like listening much! But I totally dig the vocals really. Always nice to hear a woman begging (jokes).

Crossed out is getting released tomorrow! Another one of those post hype skanking tunes where you can pretty much wade to the rhythm. Like Bob Marley said: Easy skanking.

Joy Orbison

Yep, you guessed it! Seriously, I was going to do Cosmic TRG but he's an electronic slut (in a good way) who has dipped his finger in many sub genre sauces. This is the last time I write Orbison until he drops a new EP or I see him live and shake his hand or something epic like that.
Since I've written a bible on him in comparison to everyone else I'll just stick a few toons that aren't so obvious to get an ear on.

Missus probably won't get released because it has a Ne-yo sample and them Americans are expensive dudes and, lets be honest, no one wants to sample Gareth Gates or any other dry English singer. Tune doe!

To be fair I prefer the Jose James original but I heard and loved it way before I knew he had a remix. When I play it to everyone who heard neither, they always prefer this as well sooooo you know...

Also check out some of Joy's motherfuckin' mixes man, they're free homie! If they're not free then...boy, init.
DLDRMS001[Click the name for the linkz]
BRSKR01 Disco Mix

Just to give you the 401 (or is it 101?) the first weird mix name is just a shortened version of Doldrums (Joy's label) and I have no idea what the second one is. Both written in the style of how music labels release their vinyls, basically label code and release number e.g. (SHKURED008).

Peace out bros, show love to hoes.

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