Thursday, 2 September 2010

Not So Forgotten

Saturday gone, went with a few mates to carnival warmer Urban Nerds vs Bigger Than Barry at a Shoreditch car park. Pretty good night and that, Katy B, Toddla T and Jayou all on the bill murking. Not on the bill murking, however, was Flirta D and Bruza! Certainly a shock to me and everyone I was with, don't think I've heard Bruza since around 2007.

The said line up.
A quick Youtube search shows that Flirta D recently had new material played on Logan Sama's Kiss Fm show. Not particularly anything special to me (check the tune here) but Sama mentioning the word "returning" to describe Flirta D confirms the guy has finally completed whatever game he was playing for x number of years and may be returning to the scene.

Flirta D - Microphone occupant

Bruza definitely has not been around for a while though his bars are probably still fresh in most people's heads. Also must say he does get a mention from time to time in general conversation.

Bruza - Hot like Baghdad!

While it was predominantely a dubsteppy/grime rave (P Money & Blacks were actually on the bill) it was big hype when these two took the mic in the second room. Everyone was pretty smashed so I cant really remember much but I definitely know there were old school bars involved and don't think there was much spitting over any sort of dubstep.

True say I don't go to many of these raves and maybe they are doing the rounds really but thought it was worth a mention!

Shake Your Eardrum...

Flirta D was nothing short of a God when I was younger. Definite 12/10 for originality and flow, tearing up countless allstar riddims. Blast from the past.

Flirta D - Warp Speed

Bruza equally devastating on the ears, can't go without a fat shout!

Bruza ft Triple Threat, Lady Fury & Royal - Freestyle

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