Friday, 3 September 2010

My Personal Big Anthems

I have decided that I have a select few songs that have some personal, not necessarily meaningful, but just have that extra touch on the average eardrum. Since I open up to talk about music, I might as well write a bit and share a few of these.

Shake Your Eardrum...

Jamie Jones - Ruckus

I was at Mint Club who hosted Matthias Kaden and it was a huge night, probably one of the best sets I've ever heard in my short life and this dropped pretty much out of nowhere. Everyone around me just started looking at each other in disbelief. It sort of had the Hyph Mgno effect with the mellow vocal and that unique melody to it.
I was so drunk I actually went up to the deck stand and made Matthias take a picture of the vinyl case. Good times.
Matthias Kaden's actual fingers as I snapped the Ruckus vinyl. Big up the BB Curve, cant even see the writing kmt lol

However, it's not such an overplayed track I feel, I'd say only the people who seen him live or caught on to his "Summertime" anthem would know. Therefore the tune is still thoroughly enjoyed in my room.

Billy Boyo  - One Spliff a Day [Click to listen / Right click to download]

Another 16 year old with a marijuana habit
If I died tomorrow, my flatmates from when I was at uni halls would tell of how I always blasted out this tune from "some kid who sings about being high". I almost died after being shown this from a 16 year old guy from Jamaica. It's a shame, I had no idea he was dead already... what a shame. 
While 16 year olds are probably more attractive now (Miley Cyrus (when she was 16)), they definitely don't produce this sort of sensimilla enhanced rhythms. If Billy Boyo was 16 now I don't think Usher would be buying Justin Bieber (16) any cars when he can listen to this instead. 
Anyway it's a sure fire anthem for the occasion and even not for the occasion. Considering he was 16 and not related to Bob Marley I give it extra ratings.

Can't remember where I first heard it, but this lead me on to a renewed interest in both dub (not dubstep) and reggae at the same time in this Rasta vs Dubstep messyness. "Way in (apparently) my brain, no cocaine, I don't wanna I don't wanna go insane"... Sounds like someone who's done too much something, fighting not to fall into a trip but then all of the sudden you get that absolutely crushing wobble and then its game over! Tbh I'm not really about the bars apart from the chorus and the "big up all di Jamaican hussies (how ya mean?)" lol not like I'm a yardie but the atmosphere just transforms.
I just want some dreadlocks for a few days.

Bachelors of Science - Anytime She Goes Away

First time I heard this was from a free CD I got not long after my first time going Fabric. I was still 17, going to an 18th birthday in my nicest shirt back in 2007 and basically chundered the free champagne I consumed and got chucked out at about 2am. Remembering nothing, I was given this CD by my cousin and the track came on after Original Nuttah (Shy FX). Don't know if it was the Bill Wither's sample or the wet, liquid vibe but it stuck into my head until I caught it on Youtube few months back! The video is quite interesting/fucked up too...

From a radio set off Torrentech, was a pretty big set (go to DJ tab, find burukena and its the May 15th set, stream or download(right click and save)) and going to bed stoned with someone or no one, hearing this was so good on the ears. The vocals are so driven you could almost drool. Big house vocal! Again, not such a bait tune, so it remains a hit for me!

How high the tune is... (pic from

The rinsing of the tune sort of diminishes it now its still such a beautiful, beautiful tune. I think I first saw it on the Fact Mag's top 100 tracks (this was number 1) and, after listening to 2 minutes of  it on my Dad's £29 computer speakers, switched it off and went into the kitchen and made me an omelette with toast.
Then throughout the last few months of 2009 (making me think I can't of heard it from an end of year chart) I started hearing this tune drop towards the end of many sets as a massive skanker's anthem.
In the end I was at a house party and it came on and I went up to the DJ while it was playing and the rest is history :D A lot of his work is top anyway and he is one of my favourite artists, wish guys like him would just release more material...damn player!

I could give a few more but think I've done enough. Feel free to share your favourite music with your companion, mother, brosephs, galdem or even me. By sharing, one can discover and the other can give, but both can appreciate.

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